Die Cutting

One of the common option adopted by our clients in print finishing is die cutting. You can use it to produce unique shapes, message windows, multidimensional surfaces, boxes and much more.

Die Cutting Process

Our die cutting process entails the use of a specialized thin razor-sharp steel blade tool known as a die. The die is shaped, affixed on a base and mounted to a press and is then used to shape the felt material using a press.

Custom Die Cutting

You can use die cutting as both a decorative and functional process. It is a reasonably flexible technology which can achieve tons of diverse shapes and purposes for your finishing. You can create flaps, holes, rounded corners, windows or pop-ups for solely attention-grabbing shapes.

Yes, these are all cut with dies. In each of these, we curved the metal and bent them into your desired shape and then placed onto a kind of press that cuts the felt to the form. The limitation relate to the manipulation and bending of the metal itself. 

Note: Die cutting is mostly preferred by clients for larger, less intricate shapes and is therefore not suitable for very complex shapes.

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