Needle Punched Felt

At Advanced Felt Solutions, we manufacture high-quality Needle Punched Felt. 

Needle Punched Wool Felt

Needle punched felt refers to felt that is made by vertically needling crimped fibers together so they become interlocked to achieve a desired thickness and density. Needled felt is commonly made from wool, synthetic, and other re-processed fibers in a dry mechanical method. By contrast, pressed felt uses steam and mechanical action. The fiber orientation of needled felt lays vertically, while pressed felt fibers lay horizontally, when viewing the felt at the cross section. Surface finishes can be plain (loomed state), calendared, or singed.

Meeting Standards

Strict tolerances on wool thickness, content, and weight. Our industrial felt is held to those high standards to produce quality fabric. Our fabric has high durability that has resistance to wear and abrasion. Our standards determine the following:

  • Wool Content 
  • Density 
  • Tolerances
  • Durability 

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