Architectural Felt

At Advanced Felt Solutions, we’re able to manufacture architectural  felt products to fit all your requirements. We supply felt to designers, contractors, installers, and architects for whatever your needs are.

Applications of Architectural Felt 

Felt Wall Panels 

With open workspaces, comes traveling sound. Having control over that sound will minimize noise and distractions. Having felt wall panels not only provides nice touch to the workspace, but they also help with acoustics. 

Hanging Felt Panels

Hanging felt panels are another way to reduce sound echo and improve a workspaces color and design. Felt is thick, dense, and can hang feely while providing a unique and trendy touch making this ideal for hanging panels. 


Felt panels for acoustics, provide any space with sound-mitigation. These panels are customizable for any surface form walls, to suspension mechanisms, and even table mounts. Reduction sound travel with help with distraction minimization and increase overall productivity. 


Architectural Felt Panels give any space color, texture, and pattern to give it a clean, modern look. It can be used to on furniture, placed in walls as panels, hang from ceilings, and used as floor coverings. There are many uses that felt provides to spruce up the any area! 

Customizable Architectural Felt 

We are an in-house manufacturer of various felt products including architectural felt panels, custom dyed felt, and industrial wool. Felt is a great option because of its ability to mitigate sound and acoustics all while providing a unique aesthetic touch. We can take custom orders and create architectural felt pieces that match your specifications.

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Our team has combined decades of experience in architectural felt projects and we can help advise you in your next project. Reach out to us today and we can give you feedback regarding your plans. Contact us today – we look forward to working with you!

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