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With over 20 years of experience in the felt industry, Advanced Felt Solutions was built on passion, dedication, and relationships. We are committed to providing quality and cost-effective felt products to our customers. Advanced Felt Solutions offers roll slitting, adhesive coating, die cutting, and other felt solutions. 

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  • Slitting Services

    Our custom roll slitting enables you to limit material waste produced in your application. Custom width slitting enables you to accurately fit your substrate into your design without additional fabrication.

    No matter the application or industry, slitting services are an ideal resource for custom design requirements.

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  • Laminating Services

    At Advanced Felt Solutions, we're able to manufacture both standard and customized laminated products to fit all your manufacturing requirements. We offer our customers various laminating materials nationwide. We also can take custom orders and create fabric lamination that matches your specifications.

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  • Die Cutting Services

    Die cutting is a really crucial part of the finishing process when creating something for print. Our die-cutting process entails the use of a specialized thin razor-sharp steel blade tool known as a die. Our team has combined decades of experience in die-cutting projects and we can help advise you on your next project.

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